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National Training Centre

Your health is the most important investment of your life.

Why settle for a standard fitness program when you can get fit and gain valuable Life skills at the same time..

If you’re bored with your regular fitness routines it’s time to put some excitement in your training. Our programs will stimulate your mind and body and prepare you for the adventures of your life.

We offer a variety of classes for adults ranging from boot camp style fitness classes to kickboxing and self-defence.
These programs will get you in great shape while improving your agility, coordination, awareness and reflexes.

If you are looking for something new we have a class for you.

National training centre also offers age specific programs uniquely designed for your children or teens; if you’re looking for self-defence or Kickboxing then look no further, we are conveniently located in your Abbotsford down town core.

Whatever your goals are, self-confidence, self-defence, personal development, fitness, flexibility, or to earn a black belt, National Training Centre will get you there.

From children’s martial arts programs to adult fitness and self-defence, our instructors are dedicated to helping you and you’re family achieve your individual goals.

Fit Camp Class at 9:30 AM!
This Maximum Core High intensity interval training Class is a fast-paced cardio strengthening class that focuses on defining, tightening and strengthening your entire core including your abs, back, butt and thighs. Come join this non-stop sweat class. Starts on the first Monday of the month.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30 am $84.00 for the month.

Personal Training
Personal Training Popat/Sopat / Weight Loss available.
Contact Tammy Armstrong for more info

TRX / Kickboxing Fitness Boot Camp
TRX reserve your space - call
(604-853-1230) for availability & price.
Tue & Thur 6:30 pm. ** NEW TIME **

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